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Have you ever had the feeling of complete aliveness? When you suddenly block out everything around you and only perceive this moment right now. 

That's how filmmaking feels to me and that's why I love it so much. Always looking for striking images combined with emotional and gripping stories. 

It all started when I got a camera as a gift on christmas and my birthday (which happens to be the same day, lol). One thing led to another and I quickly gained a foothold in the world of photography and film. The more I got involved with the subject matter, the more intricate my view of certain topics became, I began to see things differently, to perceive lighting moods more intensely and developed a passion for working with people in front of the camera, helping them to express a feeling and thus tell a story.


Already during my experience abroad in two of the biggest german commercialfilm and musicvideo productions I worked on my private projects to finally get a foothold as a director. 


My style as a director is heavily influenced by the ambition to putting people's stories first, modern cinema and the passion to work with different departments. 

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Philipp Silbernagl

+39 3898848902

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